What To Expect During Your Initial Consultation For Implant Placement In Irmo, SC

At Peak Dental, we understand that you have a lot of questions about dental implants. For many patients, one of the first concerns they have is cost. We are happy to discuss the cost of services and our many payment options during your initial consultation.

We offer implant solutions that range from single tooth replacement, to implant bridges to replace multiple teeth, implants to support dentures called an overdenture, and full arch solutions often called "All on X" to replace all missing teeth with a permanent set of teeth fixated on implants.

Dr. Yarborough has been placing implants since 2012 and is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology. She has been placing full arch Hybridge Implants since 2015 and loves the combination of a smile makeover and the surgical process of creating a permanent smile. With the combination of technology and experience, she wants your implant experience to be the best one possible.

The Dental Implant Placement Process

1. Tooth Extraction and Bone Grafting: Depending on the extraction, oftentimes the implant can be placed the same day as the tooth removal and we call this an immediate implant. It will save the patient time in the chair and less down time from recovery. The dentist will determine if you qualify for an immediate implant or if it needs to be a 2 stage procedure. With the extraction, bone grafting will preserve the bony ridge and make the site optimal for future implant placement. The bone graft will heal for 4 months before we have you return for the 3D CBCT scan to determine optimal implant placement. This technology allows us to visualize the quality and quantity of bone, virtually place the size and type of implant ideal for you, and ensure we are placing it away from structures like the sinus or nerve in your jawbone.

2. Implant Placement: Many people fear the idea of receiving an implant but are always surprised how simple the procedure is. The area will be put to sleep, the patient will feel vibration for about 5 seconds at a time while the dentist creates the space for the implant to be placed into the jaw. The patient will feel the vibration about 5 times, depending on the implant size. You will feel some slight pressure during implant placement, which takes less than 1 minute. There should be zero pain involved in the procedure. The dentist will read the primary stability of the implant with a special device to determine the long term outlook and success of your implant. A healing cover will be connected to the implant to protect it and heal the gum tissue and a tiny suture will be placed around the healing cover. A final 3D CBCT scan will be obtained for record of the implant in your mouth.

3. Scan: Depending on the stability of your implant, you will return anywhere from 8 weeks - 6 months after the implant placement for the intraoral scan to fabricate the custom abutment and crown that connect to the dental implant. Patients typically do not need to be numbed for this appointment as it is quick and painless. The dentist will remove the healing cover and place a special peg that connects to the dental implant that our scanner will read. The scan acts as the impression and will send the information about your implant, gum tissue, and surrounding teeth to the dental lab where they custom fabricate your implant crown. Your healing cover will be replaced back on the implant before you leave. It takes about 3 week for the crown to arrive back from the lab.

4. Implant Crown Placement: Your healing cap will be removed and your implant crown will be tightened to your implant. The dentist will check your bite, the surrounding teeth flossability, and take an x-ray to ensure the crown is fully connected to the implant. When you leave, you can eat and chew on your implant crown right away!