Bite-Guards For BRUXISM

Teeth grinding (or bruxism) is more common than people realize, particularly because the aftermath isn’t always noticeable to the person in question. Anything from anxiety and stress to certain medical conditions and medications can influence people to mash their teeth while they’re sleeping, and night guards can be truly life-changing for anyone who’s prone to this habit. Bite guards will protect from enamel loss, tooth damage, teeth breaking, broken fillings, chipped teeth, chipped crowns, gum tissue recession, abfraction (notched out enamel at the gumline), sensitivity, TMJ issues, tender and sore chewing muscles, headaches, loss of sleep, and will improve your overall quality of life. In very extreme cases, people have been known to experience major cracks in their teeth or even tooth loss.

Peak Dental will utilize a Trios intra oral scanner to capture the teeth as an impression and our digital printer will print your custom bite guard within 24 hours! No more goopy impressions!


In extreme cases where clenching and grinding is over activating the chewing muscles, Botox is a great solution to temporarily relax the muscle and relieve the tightness. Some patients may experience lots of inflammation and pain in their muscles due to how much bruxism is occurring. Peak Dental is certified to provide Botox to the muscles and help relieve them. Consultation is required with Dr. Yarborough for Botox placement and can typically be placed the same day.


Mouth guards are essential for any high-impact or contact sport, like hockey or football. This can not only make playtime a little safer, it can also give parents and players peace of mind when they’re out on the field. Peak Dental will utilize a Trios intra oral scanner to capture the teeth as an impression and our dental lab will fabricate a custom athletic guard for your athlete. No more goopy impressions!